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Foundation Survey using a High Precision Altimeter

At 512 Property Inspection LLC we include a Foundation Survey using a Digital Leveling System.


This survey is not required in the Standards of Practice for Home Inspections by the Texas Real Estate Commission but we include the survey results in every report at no additional charge.

A typical foundation inspection looks for visible defects in the condition of the foundation at the time of the inspection.  At 512 Property Inspection LLC, all foundation inspections also include inspecting for the levelness of each room.  


To take the measurements necessary to determine the levelness of each room in the home, a 

Ziplevel High Precision Altimeter will be used.  This altimeter will show within a tenth of an inch how level your foundation is.


Most inspection companies DO NOT Include a foundation survey with their inspection report. Checking the levelness of a homes foundation is not required in the Standards of Practice for Home Inspections by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


However, knowing the elevation reading for the rooms in your home gives you a snap shot of the current levelness of the foundation. Whether the home has been constructed with a slab, or pier and beam foundation, knowing the high and low areas is critical if you ever suspect foundation settlement or movement in the future. Therefore, this foundation survey is provided to you by

512 Property Inspection, LLC at no additional cost.

A Timely, Thorough, and Trusted Texas Home Inspection Company

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