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Rick uses a Tif 8800 Combustible Gas Detector on gas connections in every home he inspects.

On this newly constructed home, a drain line was installed outside the foundation - could freeze during cold weather.

Don't let vegetation grow too close to your home or you will have weeds growing through your baseboards.

The levelness of every foundation is checked using an electronic water level.

There were multiple air ducts in the attic of this new home that will severely restrict airflow due to poor workmanship.

The homeowner was not aware of this fire hazard caused by a clogged dryer vent on their roof.

This broken meter lock is a sign that electrical work has been performed by someone other than a licensed electrician.

Expensive roof repairs would have been the responsibility of the homeowner if an 11-month warranty inspection was not performed.

Multiple nails punctured an electrical wire in the attic of this new home.

Cast iron pipes typically only last 40 years before they rust out. Rick always recommends  a static test be performed on any house with cast iron drain pipes.

On this house the buyers realtor did not believe a static test was necessary, Rick was adamant  that the drain lines be inspected, The Sellers agreed to pay the $10K to replace the drain pipes before closing.

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